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Planet Notion: Boardwomen

“Inspired by a resurgent skate community and a series of exciting projects, we dispatched our Culture Correspondent Nina Hoogstraate to investigate the other side of skateboarding – the women. Were they (as with other sports) sidelined as per tradition, or did skateboarding offer a forward-thinking and equality-driven environment in which sportsmen and women compete and practice side-by side? We’ll find out as the week unfolds and we talk to the boardwomen who skate, dream and inspire…” – Planet Notion

Links to interviews below:

Amelia Brodka, born in Poland but raised in the US, a full time skateboarder and documentary film-maker behind ‘Underexposed’, the story of how women in skateboarding are not as widely publicized as male skateboarders in the industry. Nina Hoogstraate talked to Amelia about her introduction to skateboarding, her inspiration to make the film, and how the industry is changing.

Jenna Selby is a British skateboarder, documentary filmmaker and founder of Rogue Skateboards. Back in 2008 she created the first European female skate film called ‘As If, And What?’ and is now working on a second film, ‘Scratch the Surface’ which will focus on established riders as well as girls who are part of the emerging skate scenes in countries such as Afghanistan, China and Russia. Jenna talks to us about her experiences when she first started; founding her label Rogue Skateboards, and the mums’ that are getting more excited about riding a skateboard than their kids.

Editor of Sidewalk Magazine, Ben talks about his experience with women in the skateboarding industry, and gives us a guy’s perspective on women in skateboarding.

Mimi Knoop: professional skateboarder, artist, co-founder of hoopla skateboards and The Alliance, and 5 time X Games medal winner. This girl has it all! She chats to us about getting recognition as a female skateboarder, her and Cara-Beth Burnside’s success (personal and professional), and encouraging women and girls to pick up a skateboard to make the movement of women skateboarders larger and acknowledged properly!

Lisa is an American skateboarder and founder of the Girls Skate Network, a website where you can find all things about women in skateboarding. Lisa explains the origins and purpose of the website, her childhood and skateboarding, as well as giving her opinions as to why the industry is growing to support women more, and how and why women and men have different coverage.

Frauke Meyn and Erika Kinast from Skateistan talk local skateshops giving them discounts, skateboarding as a tool for development and the changes they have seen with girls/women in skateboarding. Frauke is the programs manager at Skateistan; based in Berlin, she first began working at Skateistan as a volunteer in Kabul. She followed that up by devoting another 6 months at Skateistan Cambodia as the project advisor. She now works for Skateistan full time and has been involved and active in boardsports for 10 years. Erika first got involved with skateboarding in 2004, and she put her good skills and knowledge to use in Skateistan in Afghanistan, working as a volunteer. She is a born Canadian but is now based in Berlin, working as the fundraising coordinator at Skateistan whilst completing her MA in English Language, Literature and Culture.

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